Water Safety for Waterparks

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 175 cases involving slips, horseplay, tube collissions, excessive crowding, unobserved children, infections, capsized tubes and flumes resulting in drowning, spinal injury, injured cocyx and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

81-100 of 191 cases:

Client 9945
Case Gehrts v. Ogle's Waterpark
Description Slip & fall at wavepool shore low COF
Location Knoxville, TN
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9924
Case Wycheck/Walker v. Knoebels et al.
Description Douche injury upon hitting splashpool
Location Harrisburg, PA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9917
Case Sarreo v. Wet n' Wild
Description Rider's tube went airborne spinal injury
Location Orlando, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9916
Case Salomon v. Wet n' Wild
Description Child pulled underwater lifeguard negligence
Location Las Vegas, NV
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9914
Case Reynoso et al. v. Raging Waters et al.
Description Slider's foot struck splashpool bottom
Location Los Angeles, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9904
Case Trennaman v. Jekyll Island Park Authority
Description Slip & fall in kiddie pool abrupt slope
Location Macon, GA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9867
Case Orr & Green v. Water Town USA
Description Slider struck head with flume
Location Shreveport, LA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9855
Case Toni Burtless v. Splash Down Dunes
Description Slider flipped at slide's end head hit pool bottom
Location Valparaiso, IN
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9854
Case Philip P. Smart v. Morey's Pier Inc.
Description Close interval sliders collided in spalsh pool
Location Media, PA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9840
Case Pleasant v. Miracle Strip Amusement Park
Description Slip and fall on waterslide no handrails
Location Pensacola, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9833
Case Donelson v. Crots d/b/a Monroe KOA Kampground
Description Close interval in-flume collision ankle injury
Location Grosse Point Woods, MI
Trial Defense
Client 9816
Case Mary Demars v. Waterworld
Description Double tube rider struck head with flume attendant negligent
Location Phoenix, AZ
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9801
Case Myers v. Jekyll Island State Authority Park
Description Float capsized head struck pool bottom
Location Savannah, GA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9766
Case Gonzales v. Breakers 95
Description Slider struck flume pad slipped from under him
Location Tucson, AZ
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9752
Case Rus v. Family Land
Description Nonswimmer found in deep end lfgd negl.
Location Wheaton, IL
Trial Defense
Client 9740
Case Waterworld USA Waterslide incident
Description 32 students clogged slide broke excess weight
Location San Francisco, CA
Trial Defense
Client 9716
Case Sherry Short v. The Beach
Description Slider struck coccyx with steps of splashpool
Location Columbus, OH
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9714
Case Olsen v. Busch Entertainment
Description Child slip and fall from waterfall attraction
Location New Port Richey, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9664
Case Detraz et al. v. Kentuck Kingdom
Description Head collision in overcrowded pool lfgd negl.
Location Louisville, KY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9655
Case Sarah Maxwell v. Six Flags; Wet 'N Wild
Description Slider struck pool with legs apart douche injury
Location Arlington, TX
Trial Plaintiff
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