Water Safety for Waterparks

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 175 cases involving slips, horseplay, tube collissions, excessive crowding, unobserved children, infections, capsized tubes and flumes resulting in drowning, spinal injury, injured cocyx and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

61-80 of 191 cases:

Client 0204
Case Elroy Bowles
Description Man stepped in hole of park's river drowned
Location Brandon, MS
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0203
Case Gilbert Grant v. Pearl River et al.
Description Rented innertube at waterpark drowned in river
Location Brandon, MS
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0164
Case Collins v. Ogle's Water Park
Location Sevierville, TN
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0160
Case Smith v. Rapids Waterpark
Description Woman slipped & fell in splashpool fracturing kneecap
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0154
Case Rishig v. NR H20
Description Overweight woman struck her rear end on splash pool bottom & herniated disk.
Location Ft. Worth, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0151
Case Estrada v. Raging Waters
Description Girl tubing down ride knocks over uncle-he falls on top of her fracturing C-6 & C-7
Location Sherman Oaks, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0150
Case McIntosh v. Bayshore Development Corp.
Description Woman passenger was injured while going down slide
Location Annapolis, MD
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0120
Case Smith et al. v. Splashtown et al.
Description 3 y/o missing child @ waterpark found dead in pool
Location San Antonio, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0112
Case George Barrett v. Walt Disney World Co.
Description Father trying to rescue his struggling son in wavepool nearly drowns
Location Orlando, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0067
Case Lane Savoie v. K & K Ins. et al.
Description 48 y/o man was struck in the head by another rider while surfacing in splashpool.
Location New Orleans, LA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0043
Case Humphrey v. Sun International Bahamas Limited
Description 12 yr. old boy caught in drain @ waterpark
Location Nassau, Bahamas
Trial Defense
Client 0030
Case Suter v. Waterworld Limited Partnership
Description Woman rider was met by a wall of water @ end of slide-leg was fractured
Location Phoenix, AZ
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0027
Case Nguyen v. Storytown
Description 40 yr. old woman was sent down backwards on slide hit head on bottom of splashpool; skull fracture
Location Albany, NY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0026
Case Pena v. Wild Rivers
Description 50 yr. old woman tipped over in raft during sliding-fractured clavicle
Location Santa Ana, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0019
Case Tasoff v. Six Flags Over California
Description Father & son in raft capsized causing injuries
Location Los Angeles, CA
Trial Defense
Client 0018
Case Venneberg v. Six Flags Over Texas
Description Family in raft on waterslide-raft overturned-child near drowned
Location Lawrence, KS
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0009
Case Estaver v. Wet N' Wild
Description 67-year old went down slide backwards collided w/bottom (Fatal)
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9956
Case Brian Watts v. Southern Adventures
Description Flume flipped slider onto stomach ankle injury
Location Huntsville, AL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9955
Case Buckel v. Wild Waters
Description Swimming across pool without waves lfgd negl
Location Valdosta, GA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9946
Case Black v. Ogle's Waterpark
Description Slider injured upon impact with water
Location Knoxville, TN
Trial Plaintiff
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