Water Safety for Waterparks

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 175 cases involving slips, horseplay, tube collissions, excessive crowding, unobserved children, infections, capsized tubes and flumes resulting in drowning, spinal injury, injured cocyx and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

41-60 of 191 cases:

Client 0462
Case Hause v. Strickland Landings
Description 14 yr old slipped off diving platform and suffered a closed head injury
Location Jacksonville, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0460
Case Sam v. Windsor Waterworks
Description 12 yr old drowned in waterpark pool while on a school field trip
Location Santa Rosa, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0425
Case Milkovich v. Flow Rider
Description Waterpark patron suffered multiple fractures to left leg -instructed to slide down attraction into shallow water - staff negligence
Location Great Falls, MT
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0413
Case Brooks Combs v. Adventure Landing, Inc.
Description Brooks was going down one of the serpentine slides, the water flipped him over on his face causing severe injuries
Location Jacksonville, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0407
Case Yell v. Southern Adventures
Description Went down slide, hit ankle while trying to stop, resulting in leg fracture
Location Huntsville, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0373
Case Randy Fast v. Hampton Beach Casino, Inc
Description Fatality on waterslide
Location Boston, MA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0357
Case Ron John Cape Caribe Resort, Cape Canaveral, FL
Description Consulting
Location Milwaukee, WI
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0351
Case Stills v. Wet N' Wild
Description 29 yr. old man caught little finger in crack of slide, amputated
Location El Paso, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0347
Case Anthony Mitchell v. Jekyll Island State Park
Description Sliding down flume - hit head
Location Brunswick, GA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0322
Case Velasquez v. Walt Disney World
Description 65 yr. old woman injuried in tube slide
Location Orlando, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0321
Case Boehnlein v. Walt Disney World
Description Rider rushed to enter tube, slipped, foot entrapped
Location Orlando, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0258
Case Charlotte Oldbury v. Boomtown USA
Description 28 yr. old on waterslide hit bottom of pool-fractured pelvis
Location Beaumont, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0253
Case Donald Ackerman and Katherine Ackerman v. Ober Gatlinburg Inc.
Description Raft descended slide at rapid speed flipped upside down tossing passengers from raft causing injury resulting from collision with parts of the waterslide and raft
Location Sevierville, TN
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0244
Case Patrick Sullivan v. Walt Disney World
Description Injuries sustained at Walt Disney World involving May Day Falls water slide at Typhoon Lagoon
Location Maitland, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0242
Case Donna Winchester v. Volcanic Garden Management
Description Freefall waterslide injured foot.
Location El Paso, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0239
Case Cato v. Wetlands Water Park
Description Riding in a tube hit his head on the slide.
Location Kingsport, TN
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0232
Case Potwin v. Adventure Island
Description Mother carrying child slipped & fell
Location Tampa, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0222
Case Thomas Pretto
Description Injury from sliding down a waterslide
Location Coral Gables, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0219
Case Jameson v. Super Splash
Description Female cut her leg on drainage grating
Location Corpus Christi, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0213
Case Christopher Evans v. ProSlide Technology Inc.
Description Slider sustained several fractures
Location Jacksonville, FL
Trial Plaintiff
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