Water Safety for Waterparks

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 175 cases involving slips, horseplay, tube collissions, excessive crowding, unobserved children, infections, capsized tubes and flumes resulting in drowning, spinal injury, injured cocyx and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

21-40 of 191 cases:

Client 0952
Case Murphy v. Golfland Entertainment Centers
Description Woman slid down slide and sustained head injury - fatal
Location Scottsdale, AZ
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0931
Case George v. Hyatt Corp.
Description Leg injury sliding down slide at waterpark
Location Honolulu, HI
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0915
Case Acosta v. Daytona Lagoon
Location Hollywood, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0836
Case Fanara v. LLI Mgmt., et al
Description 4 guests slid down slide into empty pool
Location Atlanta, GA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0825
Case Judith Solis v. Splash Town
Description Inner tube in slide went airborne - sustained neck and head injuries
Location Houston, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0823
Case Haak v.
Location San Diego, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0757
Case Abigail Brookshire v. The Beach Water Park
Description Foot injury from water slide at beach waterpark
Location Covington, KY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0754
Case Guzman/Almeida v. Orlando Sports Complex
Description 11 yr. old developed infection from water while wakeboarding & died
Location Kissimmee, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0729
Case Velazquez v. Adventure Island
Description Landed in splash pool too shallow herniation of spine
Location Tampa, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0717
Case Guilbault v. Breezy Picnic Grounds Waterpark
Description Ankle fracture at waterpark while hitting splashpool from waterslide
Location New Haven, CT
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0714
Case Gomez v. Water Park
Description 12 yr old collided with another rider on a tube while sliding down a waterslide
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0632
Case Greene v. Silverwood, Inc.
Description 50 yr old slid down flume on tube- flipped in splashpool & hit the back of his head
Location Coeur d Alene, ID
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0616
Case Maria Salazar-Castillo v. Six Flags
Description Fatality at waterpark after waterslide
Location Silver Springs, MD
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0615
Case Banks v Raging Waters Waterpark
Description Pelvic injury from striking water surface
Location Sherman Oaks, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0608
Case Mizia v. Capitol Indemnity Corp. et al.
Description Chlorine burn in eye (too much chlorine)
Location Waukesha, WI
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0602
Case Kazimour,et al. v. Familyland, Inc.,et al.
Description Lazy river ride tube tipped hit head on bottom of pool
Location Madison, WI
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0538
Case Roskett v.
Description Waterslide flipped out struck bottom Spinal injury
Location Rockford, IL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0529
Case Springs v. Dollywood
Description Raft hit water hard fractured head and nose also eye injuries
Location Knoxville, TN
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0520
Case Sharlow v. Dollywood Splash Country
Description Woman slides down waterslide and experiences spinal injury
Location Sevierville, TN
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0513
Case Lee v City of Calgary
Location Calgary, Alberta
Trial Plaintiff
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