Water Safety for Waterparks

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 175 cases involving slips, horseplay, tube collissions, excessive crowding, unobserved children, infections, capsized tubes and flumes resulting in drowning, spinal injury, injured cocyx and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

181-191 of 191 cases:

Client 8826
Case Stromgren v. Styx River Water
Description Rider hit baffle within flume path tube flipped
Location Bay Minette, AL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8818
Case Grater v. Venice Amusement
Description Airborne sliders injured from flume's 'bump'
Location Doylestown, PA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8810
Case Valentine v. Raging Waters
Description Close-interval sliders collided in splash pool
Location Pomona, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8806
Case Locke v. Walt Disney World
Description Volleyball dive shallow sandbar spinal injury
Location Orlando, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8805
Case Underwood v. Waterslides
Description Sliders formed chain & fell when flume broke
Location Memphis, TN
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8739
Case Scoma v. Six Flags Atlantis
Description Horseplay not stopped in wavepool fall injury
Location Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8737
Case Schumann v. Walt Disney World
Description Fell from elevated T-bar ride into shallow
Location Orlando, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8731
Case Loomis v. Raging Waters
Description Slider suffered spinal injury from drop-slide
Location El Dorado Hills, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8713
Case Galczynski v. Action Park
Description Eardrum rupture slider was dropped from 13'
Location Jersey City, NJ
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8608
Case Boling v. Hartley (TY Park)
Description Submerged entrapment underwater intake pipe
Location Miami, FL
Trial Defense
Client 8606
Case Lonnie Bass v. BRC Inc.
Description Close-interval sliders collided in splash pool
Location Gaveston, TX
Trial Plaintiff
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