Water Safety for Water Skiing and Wake Boarding

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 70 cases involving binding release failure, tow rope entaglement / recoil, wakes, sharp turns, kneeboards, tubes, towables, collisions resulting in finger amputation, drowning, leg / foot fracture, back injury and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

21-40 of 78 cases:

Client 9834
Case Copenhaver v. Overton's, Inc.
Location Cincinnati, OH
Trial Defense
Client 9832
Case Fava III v. Gravity Enterprises Ltd.
Description Skier jumped wake binding release failure leg injury
Location Norfolk, VA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9755
Case Michael Rais v. David R. Rais
Description Skier's finger amputated by tow rope boat negligence
Location Birmingham, MI
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9613
Case Ahlers v. Nestlerode
Description Skier injured at private ski-lake no warnings
Location Santa Ana, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9563
Case O'Dea v. Amend
Description Skier fell at take off binding failure to release knee injury
Location New York, NY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9548
Case Charles Ashley
Description Barefoot skier injured in lessons instructor negligent
Location Bedford, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9546
Case Hanley v. Greenleaf/McGowan
Description Skier driven into illegally long dock
Location Seattle, WA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9542
Case Norwest Bank v. Overland Co.
Description Skier lost balance due to wake spinal injury
Location Lincoln, NE
Trial Defense
Client 9536
Case Lorraine Cruise v. J. Parten
Description Boat driver made sharp turn passenger injured
Location Atlanta, GA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9533
Case Waugh v. Economy Fire/Casualty
Description Passsing boat tore hand entangled tow line
Location Peoria, IL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9523
Case Staalesen v. Wellington Leisur
Description Boat Passenger struck by tow rope recoil
Location Albany, NY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9515
Case Stenerson v. AZ Ski Springs
Description Instructor advised non-release of tow rope skier injury
Location Phoenix, AZ
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9508
Case Lettieri v. O'Brien et al
Description Binding release failure
Location New York, NY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9482
Case Estate of Edward Galvin
Description Ski rope recoiled and injured passenger in boat
Location Troy, NY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9475
Case Ziegler v. Oshman's/O'Brien
Description Skier's foot fractured binding failed to release
Location Tulsa, OK
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9446
Case Keys v. Cove Haven
Description Skier depleted muscle capacity drowning
Location Kingston, PA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9427
Case Garcia v. Steele
Description Binding failed to release during fall
Location Corpus Christi, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9414
Case Timmons v.
Description Binding failed to release during fall
Location Seattle, WA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9364
Case Batt v. Nash
Location Metairie, LA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9359
Case Pike v. Benzvi
Description Driver close to shore pulled skier into a piling
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
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