Water Safety for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 95 cases involving skin diving, snorkeling, regulator failure, deep diving, BC failure, tank explosion, improper decompression, boat / propeller collision resulting in drowning, bends, embolism, decapitation, breathing trouble and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

41-60 of 101 cases:

Client 9806
Case Michael Elkins
Description Triple drowning technical dive at 250 ft. life vest failure
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9751
Case Soellner v. Under Water World
Description Diver drowned; embolism nonstandard tank mix
Location Philadelphia, PA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9738
Case Estate of Ricardo Valladares
Description Diver surfaced went unconscious *Fatal
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9729
Case Harry Kebodeaux v. Mobil Oil Corp. et al.
Description Employee suffered cylinder compression injury
Location Houma, LA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9721
Case Jodice v. Mas Inc.
Description Snorkler not breathing revived died 2 yr. later
Location Christiansted, St. Croix
Trial Defense
Client 9711
Case Michael Adkins
Location Madison, WV
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9710
Case Wayne v. Blue Seas Beach Resort Inc.
Description Emergency 3-buddy breathing ascent embolism
Location Coral Gables, FL
Trial Defense
Client 9709
Case Burke v. Lichtman
Description Diver failed to resurface in breath hold descent
Location Woodbury, NJ
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9708
Case Scott v. Oceanic
Description Diver drowned found with no air in tank
Location Walnut Creek, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9656
Case Kevin McKinnon v. McKay
Description Intoxicated 20 y/o dove into shallow end of pool
Location Windsor, Ontario
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9647
Case J. Gregg Griffis v. Gerber Knife Co.
Description SCUBA knife design defect no guard-extension
Location New York, NY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9644
Case Dennison v. Ellis
Description Diver failed to ascend elected no buddy system
Location Miami, FL
Trial Defense
Client 9608
Case Anglin v. SSI
Description Contraindicated ascent training embolism
Location St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9565
Case Regan v. Chinnici
Description Diver buddy separation returning to boat *Fatal
Location Franklin Sq., NY
Trial Defense
Client 9558
Case Larry Tittle v. Diver's Den
Description Diver drowned due to defective pressure gauge
Location Panama City, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9554
Case Levin v. Letts
Description Diver had lung collapse due to instr. Negligence
Location Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9544
Case Larry Lyons v. Jay Hoffman
Description Commercial diver drowned rope entanglement
Location Hazard, KY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9529
Case Turnbough v. Janet Ladner
Description Diver wasn't instructed to decompress bends
Location Gulfport, MS
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9522
Case Azrikan v. RJ Diving Ventures
Description Diver's tank low in air drowned
Location Coral Gables, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9512
Case Maloy v. Denooyer
Description Ascending diver was run over by a boat
Location Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Trial Plaintiff
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