Water Safety for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 95 cases involving skin diving, snorkeling, regulator failure, deep diving, BC failure, tank explosion, improper decompression, boat / propeller collision resulting in drowning, bends, embolism, decapitation, breathing trouble and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

21-40 of 101 cases:

Client 0435
Case Nelson v. Royal Caribbean
Description wrongful death
Location Jacksonville, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0414
Case Donaldson v. Sunny Days Catamarans
Description Pltf. attempted to enter the water w/out instruction, supervision or assistance of the Def. drew, her left arm was penned b/t the ladder & hull of Def. vessel & she suffered severe & permanent injuries
Location Key West, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0330
Case Diego Andorie-Kraushaar v. Club Med
Description Little boy (7 yrs) on snorkeling excursion at Club Med in Chile….face mask shattered and cut his nose
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0329
Case Poorman v. Scuba Enterprises
Description Facility failed to employ adequate precautions with handicapped scuba dive
Location Gainesville, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0308
Case Hernandez v. Barcelo
Description Patron on Dominican Rep. snorkeling trip-drowned
Location Newport Beach, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0255
Case Hitt v. Madison Aquatic & Recreation Park
Description Scuba diver hit head on bottom of quarry *Fatal
Location Huntsville, AL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0238
Case Bowling v. FMSM et al
Description Diver/worker sucked into 12 outflow pipe. *Fatal
Location Lexington, KY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0202
Case Garland
Description Divers ended up behind instructor drowned
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0166
Case Balour v. Seaquest
Description Diver's BC failed rapid ascent
Location Oakland, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0143
Case Sentner v. Aloha Dive & Travel et al.
Description Woman drowned on dive equipment failure.
Location Encino, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0139
Case Reiss v. Hilton Waikoloa Village
Description 30 y/o began experiencing breathing trouble while snorkeling @ hotel dolphin excursion
Location Honolulu, HI
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0116
Case Wood v. International Lifestyles Inc. et al.
Description Man practicing for scuba certification drowned in pool w/instructor nearby.
Location West Palm Beach, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0044
Case Giobbi v. Lahaina Divers
Description Woman on dive boat jumped into water & lacerated by boat's propeller
Location Paia Maui, HI
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9962
Case Melendez v. A.T. Reynolds & Sons Inc.
Description Two commercial divers trapped under ice *Fatal
Location New York, NY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9949
Case Sturdivant v. Parrots Landing Water Sports Limited
Description Diver drowned underwater dive-buddy separation
Location Philadelphia, PA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9863
Case Den Herder v. Kelley et al.
Description Diver ran out of air during PADI certification drowned
Location San Diego, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9861
Case Paul Olivetti v. Coparina Hotel
Description Diver instructed to rapidly ascend *Fatal
Location San Juan, Puerto Rico
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9860
Case Estate of Daniel J. Daly v. SCUBA West et al.
Description Diver drowned rapid ascent air embolism
Location Palm Harbor, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9823
Case Kemper v. Stuart Cove
Description Diver abandoned during ascent by instructor & buddy
Location Annapolis, MD
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9808
Case Pacheco v. Club Med
Description Improperly weighted diver drowned upon return to boat
Location Xenia, OH
Trial Plaintiff
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