Water Safety for Pools and Spas

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 600 cases involving lifeguard inattention, unobserved drowning, faulty equipment, slippery deck, cloudy / murky water, overheated water, suction entrapment, resulting in drowning, disembowelment, fetus injury, spinal injury and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

81-100 of 692 cases:

Client 0945
Case Sindeh & Lasana v. Winkler Pool Mgmt., et al
Description 24 yr. old drowned in apt. pool with lifeguard present
Location Washington, DC
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0944
Case Martin v. Griffin Pools
Description Mother rescued son from drowning in an incomplete residential pool but drowned in the process
Location Charleston, SC
Trial Defense
Client 0940
Case Compere v. Luc Joseph
Location Fort Lauderdale, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0938
Case Binutu v. Lockhart, et al
Description 20 yr. old went down slide into pool & never resurfaced - no UW lights/murky water
Location Valparaiso, IN
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0936
Case Bankolemoh v. Moon
Description 2 yr. old drowned in ABG pool
Location Duluth, GA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0935
Case McNeese v. Tran
Description 12 yr. old jumped in unfilled pool and shattered ankle
Location Louisville, KY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0934
Case Hong v. ZZIM USA, Inc.
Description 70 yr. old drowned in spa
Location Fairfax, VA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0930
Case Bostani v. KSL La Costa Resort Co.
Description Drowning at resort pool with lifeguard present
Location Woodland Hills, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0929
Case Smykal v. American Pool Mgmt., et al
Description Playing in pool with toy- lost eye
Location Philadelphia, PA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0928
Case Melissa Handy v. Nejam A. Wadell
Description Non-swimmer waded into deep end and drowned - no lifeline or depth markers
Location Jackson, MS
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0926
Case William Becker v. Woodcroft Swim Club
Location Baltimore, MD
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0924
Case Ondelacy v. NMSU
Location Las Cruces, NM
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0920
Case Tsimonjela v. YMCA
Description 12 yr. old drowned in YMCA pool
Location Wichita, KS
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0919
Case Cesar Leon v.
Description Country club employee dove into pool and drowned
Location Danbury, CT
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0918
Case Peysen v. Cranes Landing Apartments
Description 19 yr. old sustained head injury causing quad. Paralysis in apartment complex swimming pool
Location Tampa, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0914
Case Odai v. YMCA
Description 2 children nearly drowned at a YMCA
Location Mayfield Heights, OH
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0912
Case Miller v. Westin Hotel
Description Dove into hotel pool and sustained neck injury
Location Morristown, NJ
Trial Defense
Client 0911
Case Desalvo v. Starwood
Description 15 yr. old dove into hotel pool- Quad
Location Coral Gables, FL
Trial Defense
Client 0907
Case Marshall v. Chung, et al
Description 19 yr. old drowned in dirty hotel pool
Location Birmingham, AL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0906
Case Brown v. Cruz
Description 9 yr. old drowned in residential pool
Location Jacksonville, FL
Trial Defense
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