Water Safety for Pools and Spas

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 600 cases involving lifeguard inattention, unobserved drowning, faulty equipment, slippery deck, cloudy / murky water, overheated water, suction entrapment, resulting in drowning, disembowelment, fetus injury, spinal injury and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

41-60 of 692 cases:

Client 1126
Case Surtan v. Wethered
Description 6 yr. old wandered into neighbor's pool and drowned
Location Kansas City, MO
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1125
Case Emily Wilson v. Fiore at the Gardens
Description 26 yr. old girl dove into condo pool at night - struck bottom - Quad
Location West Palm Beach, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1123
Case Phillips v. Graoch Associates, et al
Description 15 yr. old drowned in apartment pool
Location Texarkana, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1120
Case Day v. Hood College
Description Girl at a public pool tripped on protruding device causing injuries
Location Gaithersburg, MD
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1117
Case Lampkin v. Covington at Providence
Description 5 yr. old visiting condo pool nearly drowned
Location Chicago, IL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1114
Case Demeion Bell v. Double Tree
Description Drowning at an indoor hotel pool
Location Cleveland, OH
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1110
Case Blake Sutor v. Intex
Description 2 yr. old nearly drowned in ABG pool
Location Ft. Myers, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1104
Case Woefel v. Crystal Pool Services
Description Drowning in community pool with lifeguards present
Location Houston, TX
Trial Defense
Client 1103
Case Knoll v. Yardley Commons Condo Assoc.
Description 17 yr. old dove into condo pool - resulted in para
Location Philadelphia, PA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1102
Case Smith v. Ratan LLC (Ramada Inn)
Description 47 yr. old nearly drowned in hotel pool- brain damage
Location Morgantown, WV
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1101
Case Van Hoy v. Sandals Resort, et al
Description Suction entrapment on resort spa drain, resulting in drowning
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1038
Case Boatwood v. General Foam Plastics Corp.
Description 2 yr. old drowned in neighbor's ABG pool
Location Birmingham, AL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1037
Case Gonzalez v. Ilacqua
Description 9 yr. old sustained vaginal injury from jets in spa
Location Naples, FL
Trial Defense
Client 1036
Case Montjoy v. Pass Christian Yacht Club
Description 3 yr. old got into yacht club pool and drowned, enclosure
Location Diamondhead, MS
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1035
Case Ballard v. The District of Columbia
Description Drowning in indoor lifeguarded pool
Location Washington, DC
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1033
Case Goolsby v. Kings Daughters School
Description Mentally retarded 16 yr. old left unsupervised in pool and nearly drowns
Location Nashville, TN
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1032
Case Campos v. Claus
Description Child nearly drowned in rented residential pool
Location West Palm Beach, FL
Trial Defense
Client 1031
Case Remiki v.
Description Drowning in condo pool
Location Miami, FL
Trial Defense
Client 1028
Case Webner v. Holiday Inn
Description 4 yr. old nearly drowned in hotel pool
Location Lowell, MA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1027
Case DeSalvo v. SVO, et al
Description 15 yr. old dove into pool at Sheraton Villages - Quad
Location Fort Lauderdale, FL
Trial Plaintiff
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