Water Safety for Pools and Spas

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 600 cases involving lifeguard inattention, unobserved drowning, faulty equipment, slippery deck, cloudy / murky water, overheated water, suction entrapment, resulting in drowning, disembowelment, fetus injury, spinal injury and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

1-20 of 692 cases:

Client 1501
Case Cayden Abdoo v. Holiday Inn Pigeon Forge
Description Child wandered away from parent in video game room, was found in the hotel pool beneath a decorative waterfall, near drowning.
Location Knoxville, TN
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1427
Case Luis Garcia Jurado v. Super 8 Hotel
Description Drowning of 15 year old boy in hotel pool
Location Bismarck, ND
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1424
Case Thomas Hughes v. Marriott
Description 28 yr old guest drowned in hotel pool with not float line
Location Jackson, MS
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1416
Case Katrina Vargas v. Trails at Corinthian Creek
Description 20 year old dove into what she thought was the deep end, spinal injury. Pool has deep center, shallow ends. Alcohol involved
Location Houston, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1412
Case Brown v. Winona Lakes Property Owners Association
Description 11 yr old girl nearly drowned in apartment pool, retrieved by lifeguard
Location Livingston, NJ
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1409
Case Pierre v. Holiday Inn
Description 5 yr old drowned in hotel pool
Location Boca Raton, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1408
Case Oo v. Marquis Parc Apts.
Description 4 yr old girl drowned in abandoned apartment pool, not drained or covered, inadequate enclosure
Location Atlanta, GA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1405
Case Bradford/Roman v. Oasis at Springtree Apts.
Description Twins got through unsecured gate of apartment complex pool, 1 drowned, 1 near-drowned
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1336
Case Orellana v. Westheimer Terrace Apts.
Description 3 year old drowned in apartment pool after getting through enclosure
Location Houston, TX
Trial Defense
Client 1335
Case Shifchik v. Harborwalk Holdings, LLC
Description Late night/early morning wedding party at a hotel, dive into pool resulted in spinal injury, possible illumination/enclosure issues
Location Fort Lauderdale, FL
Trial Defense
Client 1332
Case Toole v. Burlington County
Description 16 year old autistic child, non-swimmer, drowned when he was left in a pool.
Location Cherry Hill, NJ
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1329
Case Oscar v.
Description 14 yr old autistic child drowned in neighbor's ABG pool
Location New York, NY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1323
Case Estate of Malvrick Donkor v. Town of Manchester
Description Teenager drowning in high school pool during gym class, no lifeguards
Location Hartford, CT
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1321
Case Estate of Troy Wotruba
Description 3 year old drowned in neighbor's residential pool, broken gate
Location Columbus, OH
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1318
Case Esan v. Hampton University
Description Boy drowned while attending a swimming pool party on the campus of Hampton University
Location Washington, DC
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1314
Case Estick v. Reynolds, Antilles Resort Mgmt.
Description 12 year old drowned in resort pool, no lifeline, no shepherd's crook
Location St. Croix, VI
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1313
Case Caiazzo v. Village of North Palm Beach
Description 22 year old diving off 10 meter platform at public country club pool
Location West Palm Beach, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1312
Case Brassfield v. Southern Hospitality Services
Description 15 year old girl found at the bottom of a motel pool, brain dead
Location Mobile, AL
Trial Defense
Client 1309
Case Sears v. Driftwood Park Country Club
Description 9 yr old boy drowning
Location Houston, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1308
Case Boler v. Rock Hill School District #3
Description Field trip of special education students to residential pool, near drowning with injury to 4th grade student
Location Rock Hill, SC
Trial Plaintiff
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