Water Safety for Oceans and Beaches

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 80 cases involving bodysurfing, snorkeling, horseplay, rope swings, shallow diving, rip currents, undertow, negligent lifeguards resulting in drowning, swimmers swept to sea, fractures and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

1-20 of 84 cases:

Client 1420
Case Alycia McAllister v. Hemptown Baptist Church
Description Church outing at retreat center on an ocean waterfront, 12 year old caught in a rip current and drowns
Location Atlanta, GA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1418
Case Balaji v. Holland America
Description Guest snorkeling on cruise ship expedition drowned after having seizure.
Location Seattle, WA
Trial Defense
Client 1407
Case Timmons v. Myrtle Beach Watersports
Description PWC collision on private guided dolphin tour
Location Mt. Pleasant, SC
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1406
Case Patient v. American Addiction Center
Description 17 year old boy disappeared during ocean outing, presumed drowning, no lifeguards.
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1301
Case Branchedor v. Seventh Day Adventist Church
Description 17 yr old poor swimmer drowning in ocean wake on class outing
Location West Palm Beach, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1217
Case Brown v. The Children's Place at Home Safe, Inc.
Description 16 yr old on field trip to lifeguarded beach drowned in rip currents
Location Miami, FL
Trial Defense
Client 1210
Case Barrios v. Surf & Turf Investments, Inc.
Description Fell head first off water trampoline, quad
Location Houston, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1030
Case Samuels v. Holland America
Description Man from cruise went to beach on his own - hit in chest by wave - partial paralysis
Location Seattle, WA
Trial Defense
Client 1013
Case Ghahhari v. Hilton
Description Jumped from trampoline into ocean/lagoon and struck bottom - spinal injury
Location San Juan, Puerto Rico
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0843
Case William Leaton v. Twin Cities Hospital
Description Drowning at beach
Location Bloomfield, MI
Trial Defense
Client 0752
Case Hernando Beach & Bicentennial Pool
Description Citrus County is considering removing lifeguards from beaches
Location Lecanto, FL
Trial Defense
Client 0732
Case Fort Island Beach v. Citrus County
Description Cirtus County possibly removing lifeguards from public beach
Location Tampa, FL
Trial Defense
Client 0708
Case Jean Paul v. The City of New York
Description 10 yr old drowned at the beach- no warning signs
Location New York, NY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0645
Case Gonzales v. The Mark Travel Corp & Fun Jet
Description Snorkeling tour in Mexico, caught in rip current & drowned
Location San Antonio, TX
Trial Defense
Client 0625
Case O'Donnell v. Ramada Plaza Beach Resort
Description Swept up in rip current at beach- drowned
Location St Petersburg, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0535
Case Tillman v. DYFS
Description 17 yr old dove into water & broke neck
Location Woodbridge, NJ
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0532
Case Heimbach v. Jenkinsons South Ave.
Description Struck by boogey boarder
Location Lawrenceville, NJ
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0530
Case Smith etc et al v. City of Huron et al
Description 4 teens cought in riptide
Location Findlay, OH
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0515
Case Cuadrado v. Sandestine Beach Resort
Description Woman drowned while swimming at a Beach Resort
Location Pensacola, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0507
Case Hoggs v. City & County of Honolulu
Location Honolulu, HI
Trial Plaintiff
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