Water Safety for Lakes and Rivers

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 130 cases involving undertow, rip current, shallow diving, sudden drop off, unmarked platform, docks, tubing, whitewater raft flips resulting in drowning, spinal injury, fractures and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

101-120 of 152 cases:

Client 9412
Case Timothy Hedlin v. Pitstick Beach
Description Unwitnessed drowning lifeguard inattention
Location Ottawa, IL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9405
Case Lowe v. Redman Goss Blair & W
Description Average swimmer drowned on field trip
Location Little Rock, AR
Trial Defense
Client 9369
Case Lipton v. Wilhite
Location Houston, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9363
Case Reed v. New Covenant Church
Description Child drowned on field trip poor supervision
Location Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Trial Defense
Client 9356
Case Gonzalez v. TY Park
Description Child drowned in lake with lifeguards on duty
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9351
Case O'Brien v. Marshall
Description Parental inattention caused toddler's drowning
Location W. Palm Beach, FL
Trial Defense
Client 9344
Case Malik v. Lakeside Villas
Description Child drowned in apartment home's lake
Location Coral Gables, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9336
Case Grady v. Ziarko
Description Dam-hydraulic entrapment PFD-failure
Location Palos Heights, IL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9327
Case Holden v. Board of Commissioners of the Akron Park District
Description Drowning at beach with lifeguards present; lifeguard inattention resulted in drowning
Location Akron, OH
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9317
Case Dooley v. Segura/Riverman
Description Whitewater rafting hole-entrapment drowning
Location Charleston, WV
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9316
Case Navarro v. County Village Homeowners' Association
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9305
Case Bell v. State of New Mexico
Description Dive from a floating raft into shallow water
Location Albuquerque, NM
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9252
Case Henderson v. Willow Point Marina
Description Dove into shallow from marina pier*Quad
Location Birmingham, AL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9250
Case Gant v. Lusby Condos
Description Shallow water diving injury in a lake *Quad
Location Bethesda, MD
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9241
Case Estate of Scott Briesmeister
Description Steep sided pond without proper safeguards
Location Southfield, MI
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9221
Case Jean LaPoint v. Stoneco, Inc.
Description Drowning in quarry
Location Toledo, OH
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9165
Case FDOT v. Walton
Description Submerged concrete pipe-platform hazard
Location Orlando, FL
Trial Defense
Client 9159
Case Gilliams v. Town of Guilford
Description Lifeguard inattention at drop-off boy drowned
Location New Haven, CT
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9148
Case Porter v. Lake Ladonna
Description Buoy placement invited hurdle-dives *Quad
Location Rockford, IL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9146
Case Saladino v. Environmental Construction
Description A dive from a private pier into shallow *Quad
Location Pensacola, FL
Trial Plaintiff
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