Water Safety for Lakes and Rivers

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 130 cases involving undertow, rip current, shallow diving, sudden drop off, unmarked platform, docks, tubing, whitewater raft flips resulting in drowning, spinal injury, fractures and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

81-100 of 152 cases:

Client 9730
Case Bengtson v. Hume
Description Dive into lake's hallow water no warnings
Location Orange, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9713
Case Quick v. City of Des Moines
Description Dove off platform into shallow gravel pit *Quad
Location W. De Moines, IA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9707
Case Andrea Kanner v. Ocean Reef Club
Description Foot was lacerated by sharp hidden uw object
Location North Palm Beach, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9704
Case Fitts v. Monroe County KOA
Description Attempted to swim across pond but drowned
Location Detroit, MI
Trial Defense
Client 9701
Case Woods v. Her Majesty the Queen
Description Dove off I-beam into shallow water *Quad
Location London, Ontario
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9652
Case Richard Cooley v. Pheasant Run Condominium Assoc.
Description Dove into shallow water hidden UW object
Location Rockledge, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9606
Case Kamma v. O'Leno State Park
Description Child fell from floating dock’s railing drowned
Location Gainesville, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9605
Case Sawyer v. Big Bass Lake
Description Child drowned in lake’s dam no warnings
Location Kingston, PA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9537
Case Rovar v. Philadelphia Suburban
Description Dove into lake hit UW hidden rock *Quad
Location Media, PA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9517
Case Dunn/Andrew v. Property Masters
Description Child drowned in ditch no warnings or fence
Location Grand Rapids, MI
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9506
Case Winterpark crew team/Lake Killarny
Description Crew team lakefront operation evaluation
Location Orlando, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9476
Case Prieto v. Sea Ranch Properties Inc. et al.
Description Dove into shallow water of manmade lake*Quad
Location Miami, FL
Trial Defense
Client 9472
Case Allen v. Keystone Co. of Clay
Description Child drowning in lake supervision failure
Location Jacksonville, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9462
Case Chaleunphonh v. Park et. al.
Description Triple drowning due to lake's 45 degree drop-off
Location Las Cruces, NM
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9455
Case Herschbach v. City of Tower
Description Dive into shallow water of lake no depth signs
Location Virginia, MN
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9434
Case Sutton v. Sunsets on the Bay Restaurant et al.
Description Dove into shallow water from railing *Quad
Location Upper Marlboro, MD
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9425
Case Yang v. S. California Edison
Description 2 girls drowned due to panic from lake depth
Location Costa Mesa, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9422
Case Sim v. U.S.A.
Description Lifeguards inattention at undeveloped lake area
Location Ogden, UT
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9420
Case Morel v. More et al.
Description Dive from boathouse roof shallow water *Quad
Location Saginaw, MI
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9415
Case Barber v. State of New York
Description Man fell into freezing waters in frozen lake
Location Smithtown, NY
Trial Plaintiff
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