Water Safety for Lakes and Rivers

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 130 cases involving undertow, rip current, shallow diving, sudden drop off, unmarked platform, docks, tubing, whitewater raft flips resulting in drowning, spinal injury, fractures and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

61-80 of 152 cases:

Client 0071
Case Thompson v. Genesis Health Club
Description 29 y/o dove off cliff into shallow water on camp excursion
Location Wichita, KS
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0049
Case Estate of Farrakhan
Description 9 yr. old girl drowned in lake while attending youth camp.
Location Canton, OH
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0038
Case Mawdsley v. Atteeco et al.
Description Triathalon-36 yr. old was kicked by another swimmer lifeguard could not get to swimmer *Fatal
Location Chicago, IL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0016
Case Fox/Rayford v. Assemblies of God Michigan District
Description 7 yr. old boy drowned in lake-unsupervised
Location Troy, MI
Trial Defense
Client 0015
Case Estate of Katarina Santos
Description 4 yr. old tubing in creek with family drowned
Location Philadelphia, PA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0010
Case Daniel Lajoie v. Camping du Lac Pins
Description Man ran & dove in lake & collided w/UW obstacle-quadripelic
Location Montreal, Quebec
Trial Defense
Client 9957
Case Jarmolowski
Description Dove off motel's dock into shallow *Quad
Location New York, NY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9941
Case Estate of Walker
Description Teen drowned swimming across lake
Location W. Hazleton, PA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9928
Case Summerlin v. Miss. Wildlife Fisheries & Parks
Description Dive into shallow at swim area *Quad
Location Ocean Springs, MS
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9910
Case Sevin Sr. et al. v. Plaquemines Parish et al.
Description Children wading fell in dropoff triple drowning
Location Baton Rouge, LA
Trial Defense
Client 9848
Case Coleman v. Riviera Community Club
Description Dove off protruding dock into shallow of lake
Location Seattle, WA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9845
Case Estate of Calix v. Rocky Bayou Christian School
Description Child drowning church camp outing negligence
Location West Palm Beach, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9844
Case Duke et al. v. Commonwealth of PA Bureau of State Parks
Description Drowning rough waves lifeguard negligence
Location Erie, PA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9822
Case Aron Johnson case
Description Child drowning hidden uw mud drop-off
Location Houma, LA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9804
Case Good, et al v. Ohio Edison, et al v. Chaykosky
Location Akron, OH
Trial Defense
Client 9768
Case Sears v. Larry & Shirley Snider
Description Boy drowned swimming across lake, cramps
Location Mt. Clemens, MI
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9765
Case Polgrean v. Pines Resort
Description Patron of lake resort dove from ledge *Quad
Location Fresno, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9758
Case Daniel Glass
Description Child drowning in pond poor supervision
Location Jacksonville, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9736
Case Norman v. City of Tampa & Smuggler's Cove Apts.
Description Child drowning slid down steep slope
Location Tampa, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 9733
Case Niese v. Glacier Hill Lakes
Description Dive from 3m board into 5' depth leg injury
Location Findlay, OH
Trial Plaintiff
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