Water Safety for Lakes and Rivers

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 130 cases involving undertow, rip current, shallow diving, sudden drop off, unmarked platform, docks, tubing, whitewater raft flips resulting in drowning, spinal injury, fractures and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

21-40 of 152 cases:

Client 0735
Case Jones v. City of Springfield
Description 16 yr old drowned In lifeguarded swim area
Location Bloomington, IL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0724
Case Derek Ranum v.
Description Diving from trampoline into lake - struck bottom - spinal injury
Location Portage, WI
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0701
Case Brutus & Antoine v. State of FL Dept of Environmental Protection
Description Drowning in state park- designated swim area
Location Tallahassee, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0648
Case Hudspeth v. Missouri Valley Pool Management, et al
Description Run & flip into man made lake - Quad
Location Kansas City, MO
Trial Defense
Client 0644
Case Crump v. Province of Alberta
Description Shallow water dive/swimming in lake-struck an obstruction in water
Location Calgary, Alberta
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0531
Case Corinne Walsh v. Patrick E. Nadelhoffer
Description PWC collided with dock due to inexperienced driver
Location Chicago, IL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0525
Case Longmore v. Board of Education
Description 15 yr. old drowned in lake at a school event
Location Weston, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0523
Case Joseph Walker v. USA
Description 19 yr old jogged & dove into lake, spinal injruy *Quad
Location Philadelphia, PA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0502
Case Smith v.
Description Boy tried to rescue another kid and drowned
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0442
Case Hendrix v. Burton, et al
Description 7-8 yr old girl was being electricuted by faulty wiring on a dock, victim saved her but drowned
Location Georgetown, SC
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0426
Case Deas v. Lake Osceola Beach Club et al.
Description Victim was swimming in a lifeguarded lake on by a floating platform. He drowned 5-10' from platform. Lifeguard had no safety equipment.
Location New York, NY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0417
Case Farmer's New World Life v. Lowrance
Description 10 y/o drowned in campground creek
Location Seattle, WA
Trial Defense
Client 0416
Case Del Papa v. Kanakuk Kamp
Description Female camp patron sustained spinal injury from jumping onto inflated apparatus (blob). Involves a campground's waterfront.
Location Springfield, MO
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0415
Case Tray v.
Description Shallow Dive into lake causing spinal injury
Location Toronto, Ontario
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0362
Case Farmer's v. Melanie Lowrance, et al.
Description 10 yr. old child with family drowned, found with abrasions, parent took out life insurance policy on him, fractures on back of head Criminal Matter **
Location Seattle, WA
Trial Defense
Client 0358
Case The Estate of Yaclu Antoine v.
Description 3-4 yr. old boy visiting from NJ, slipped down hill into lake and drowned
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0339
Case Hoskins & Smith v. Merrick Hall Money, et al.
Description 14 yr old girl drowned in privately owned developed swimming lake
Location Houston, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0323
Case Woolridge v. East Texas Baptist University
Description 4 yr. old drown in pond, no fence/gate or signs
Location Tyler, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0319
Case Estate of Blair v. Cedar Grove Apts.
Description 13 yr old autistic boy drown in lake without fence
Location Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0318
Case Schwartz v. Camp Robin Hood
Description 15 yr. old boy at camp dove in lake *QUAD
Location Boston, MA
Trial Defense
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