Boating and Jet Skiing

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 280 cases involving capsizing, collisions, propeller injury, faulty equipment, parasailing, personal water craft (PWC) resulting in drowning, fatal injury, arm entaglement, amputation, spinal injury and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

281-295 of 295 cases:

Client 8832
Case Rhodes v. Steve's Marine
Description Waves swamped and overturned boat
Location San Antonio, TX
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8823
Case Wiseman v. Sobieck
Description Intoxicated passenger fell out of top bunk
Location Sacramento, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8814
Case Eszlari v. Wildwood Water Sport
Description Jet-Ski rental concession's supervision failure
Location Haddonfield, NJ
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8726
Case Jauker v. Eliminator Boats
Description Raceboat flipped and driver was trapped
Location Los Angeles, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8719
Case Products Lia. Consultation
Description Products Liability & Safety Consultation
Location Los Alamitos, CA
Trial Consultant
Client 8716
Case Evans v. Bennett
Description Occupant fell overboard and was run over
Location Baton Rouge, LA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8710
Case Paddleboat capsizing fatality
Description Rented lake paddle boat capsized
Location Claremont, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8705
Case Rodriguez v. US Park Service/Biscayne Nat'l Park
Description Passenger dove from boat into shallow water
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8613
Case Milby v. Parro
Description Passengers were injured during rough voyage
Location Miami, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8612
Case Coxey v. Skatzka
Description Raceboat flipped driver's entrapment inside
Location St. Petersburg, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8605
Case Nejedly & Currie v. City of Wa
Description Unobserved drowning from a pleasure boat
Location Martinez, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8515
Case Butz v. Werner & Schlickenmayer
Location Grand Forks, ND
Trial Plaintiff
Client 8511
Description Occupants were ejected and struck by boat
Location Metarie, LA
Trial Defense
Client 8508
Case Marshall v. Max's Sports
Description Anchor rope snapped whiplashing injuries
Location Tampa, FL
Trial Defense
Client 8504
Case Rendall v. Karabas
Description Foot severed by boat's propellers
Location Coral Gables, FL
Trial Plaintiff
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