Boating and Jet Skiing

Tom Ebro has consulted on over 280 cases involving capsizing, collisions, propeller injury, faulty equipment, parasailing, personal water craft (PWC) resulting in drowning, fatal injury, arm entaglement, amputation, spinal injury and more. See below for a detailed case listing.

1-20 of 295 cases:

Client 1426
Case MaryAnn Buckley v. David Jutton
Description Tube being pulled by speed boat on the Hudson river jumps and breaks the leg of the rider. No spotter, captain not paying attention
Location New York, NY
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1410
Case Hernandez v. Lazaro Mendez, et al
Description Boat on sand bay; captain revving engines while people pushed, boy sucked under and cut on propellers, fatality
Location Coral Gables, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1407
Case Timmons v. Myrtle Beach Watersports
Description PWC collision on private guided dolphin tour
Location Mt. Pleasant, SC
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1333
Case Holmes v. SkiSafe, LLC
Description Two rented PWC's collided, improper instruction
Location Mount Pleasant, SC
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1327
Case Arie Akinin v. Royal Caribbean
Location Miami, FL
Trial Defense
Client 1325
Case Goldberg v. Bombardier
Description 14 year old on PWC for the first time. Turning and found himself unable to stop or steer and hit dock. Died from injuries
Location Fort Laurderdale, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1324
Case Brock Johnson v. Thomas Outdoors, LLC
Description Man diving off of rented boat struck lake bottom and incurred spinal injury
Location Mt. Pleasant, SC
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1218
Case Williams v. The Coleman Company
Description Child's leg injured when towable tube broke loose from boat
Location Huntsville, AL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1135
Case Arnold v. Royal Caribbean
Description 2 PWCs collided during tour at CoCo Cay - passenger's right leg injury
Location Miami, FL
Trial Defense
Client 1121
Case Williams v. Mektrakarn
Description Boating in lake and ran aground on sandbar - passengers got off and one drowned
Location Los Angeles, CA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1118
Case State of FL v. Steven Valle
Description Boating collision caused two fatalities
Location Orlando, FL
Trial Defense
Client 1112
Case Flanagan v. Wells, et al
Description Girl dove off side of boat and sustained prop injuries
Location Phoenix, AZ
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1022
Case Jeansonne v. Roy
Description Tubing on the back of PWC and broke hand
Location Metaire, LA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 1014
Case Frank Ziegler v. Royal Caribbean
Description PWC tour guide employee sustained neck injury
Location Miami, FL
Trial Defense
Client 0948
Case Peckman v. McNerney, et al
Description 2 PWCs collided - 1 fatality
Location Annapolis, MD
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0925
Case Saye v. Larsen, et al
Description 2 boats collided killing 1 passenger & injurying many others
Location Bellevue, WA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0922
Case Stegall v. Dan's Boats, et al
Description Woman puts leg out to fend off dock - caught & broken
Location St. Louis, MO
Trial Defense
Client 0917
Case Parker v. Yamaha
Location Tampa, FL
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0916
Case Newlon v. Markham, et al
Description 13 yr. old wakeboarding struck by boater - fatal
Location Spokane, WA
Trial Plaintiff
Client 0910
Case Esparza v. Polaris Industries, Inc.
Description PWC collided with boat
Location Woodland Hills, CA
Trial Plaintiff
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